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Hunt World Class Trophy Whitetail in Missouri

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Hunt World Class Trophy Whitetail
in Missouri
Hunt World Class Trophy Whitetail
                  The Hunt of A Lifetime!
The                       Premier Outfitters in Missouri
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  The  Missouri Ozarks is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. It is also the perfect environment for trophy whitetail deer. Deer require abundant sources of timber, grassland and water. Maintaining a favorable habitat for trophy bucks is a key priority for the Trophy Creek Outfitters staff. An ongoing program to provide appropriate nutritional requirements for deer populations has proven to be  extremely successful, resulting in Boone & Crockett scores that improve  every year.

  Trophy Creek Outfitters is the premier outfitter in Missouri. Hunt world class trophy whitetails on over 1500 beautiful acres in the Lake of the Ozarks region of Missouri.  Missouri holds the world record for non-typical whitetail deer racks.

  Deer and turkey hunting at Trophy Creek Outfitters starts well before daylight, sipping on a hot cup of coffee in the lodge and discussing the day's hunt with one of our professional hunting guides. No matter if you are hunting alone or with a group, archery, muzzleloader or with a gun, we will take care of your individual needs, to make your hunt one of a lifetime.

Trophy Creek Outfitters has been under game management programs that include deer, quail, and turkey. Our trophy management allows you, the hunter, to harvest a world class trophy.

  Habitat management includes: year round food plots of corn, lush legumes, peas and  clover, supplemental feed stations of corn and soybean with the added mineral licks needed to help in the development of horn growth and body mass, and the fertilization of natural brows to increase habitat managment.  

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Hunt of A Lifetime
Missouri Whitetail

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